You Might Want to Actually Redeem Those Miles!

The best advice for anyone who has miles on a travel card would be to actually redeem the miles! This may seem like an academic point, but it is also something that slips people’s minds. They work very hard at accruing travel miles and then do not redeem any tickets. Often, this is done without any true intent to disregard the miles. The cardholder simply forgets the miles are there. Now, some may scoff at this assessment but people do completely forget to redeem their miles.Rewards

How does this happen? Well, it takes a long time to accrue enough points for an airline ticket. When planning on using the free ticket for an exotic location then you will need a lot of miles. This can take a great deal of time. Sometimes, amount of time that elapses can lead to the holder forgetting about their miles. A free vacation to Fiji might was a motivating factor in acquiring a card in 2003. By the time 2008 rolled around, the cardholder may have forgotten about Fiji. This is a shame because all those free travel miles are still there.

Actually, a travel rewards card may hold thousands of miles that the cardholder is not accessing. One of the main ways reward cards earn money is by never having to pay out rewards that are owed. After all, if you don’t redeem they can not issue them. This is why it is important to never forget the original purpose of the card. It is also important not to forget those miles are worth free vacations! To do so involve cheating yourself out of that Fiji vacation you always dream about. Thankfully, those reward points don’t expire so it is never to late to take that vacation.