You Can Do Better Than One for One

In general, travel reward cards provide one reward point for every dollar that you charge. This would seem like a fair deal. You spend one dollar and you get one point in return. But wouldn’t it be better to spend one and receive more than one in return? Actually, it would be a tremendous deal that is too hard to pass up. This is why there are a number travel cards that offer these deals. And, yes, with these types of offers there is no telling how many rewards points you can acquire. This creates a “sky is the limit” potential for what you can redeem points for. Ok, that last point is a little bit of an exaggeration. You can, however, at least make like a proverbial bandit with these “extra” points.

If you are worried about any potential scams associated with these deals then fear not. Scams are virtually non-existent when it comes legitimate card issuers. However, one should always pay close attention to the card’s terms and conditions. Some cards made only offer a better than “one to one” deal under specific conditions. For example, purchasing at one particular supermarket will get you two for one point credits. This same deal, however, would not be provided at other supermarkets. Again, this is not a duplicit rule as it is clearly spelled out in the terms and conditions.

Yes, there are also those rare cards that offer a better than “one for one” deal at all purchases. However, these types of cards are rare. But, they are still out there and can be acquired if you look diligently. So, if a super deal is in your plans you might just be able to find it. The search will be worth it in the end. Remember, you are getting two for one on the deal.