Set Aside Tickets and the Travel Miles Credit Card

While the vast majority of travel miles credit card offers are legitimate, there are those errant travel cards that have strings attached that are not so readily noticeable in the fine print. However, when you do go and attempt to book the free airline flight that your travel miles credit card program has supposedly offered to you, it will become quite noticeable that what you have been promised may not be delivered.

When you use a travel miles credit card to log travel mileage points in order to be cashed in for an airline ticket at a later date, you automatically assume that the free airline ticket will be “on demand.” That is to say, if you need 100,000 miles for a trip to Japan once you reach 100,000 miles all you need to do is cash the miles in and the ticket will be presented. Well, maybe it will and maybe not. Here is a common disappointing scenario that occurs when “cash out times” with your travel miles credit card arrives: You wish to book that Japanese flight ticket and are informed that out of the eight tickets set aside for free mileage cash outs, all eight have been taken already. In fact, the set aside number of tickets for every flight to Japan for the next three months has already been taken. So, while the travel miles credit card holder has assumed that the free tickets were open ended and available on demand, the reality is that there are significant restrictions on the amount of tickets that will be distributed per flight.

Is there any way to avoid such a calamity? Probably the best way to avoid such a problem from occurring would be to clarify if the available free tickets are capped or available on demand. If there is a cap then it may be wise to take you credit card business to another provider.