Redeeming those Travel Reward Card Miles

Redemption is a wonderful thing and when it comes to redeeming travel reward card miles then redemption is also cost effective! Of course, like spiritual redemption the redemption of reward and travel miles actually requires effort. In other words, you need to actually redeem the miles because if you don’t then they become little more than a “cool” figure on a credit card statement.

Now, why on earth would anyone accrue all those free miles and not use them. It would seem like a thoroughly self defeating plan would it not? One of the reasons for this is because people often acquire credit cards whose reward plans do not really meet the needs of the cardholder. While it does sound wonderful to acquire a credit card that can yield a number of free airline tickets what possible value would such a card be if the individual was not a traveler? Yes, there will be those people who don’t travel but they like the idea of traveling and feel the joy of receiving a free ticket would stimulate their taking the plunge to travel….oh, forget it….this type of logic is never the proper source of motivation.
Instead, it would be FAR better off seeking a reward card that is more in line with things they prefer or need (gasoline, books, electronics items, etc) So, acquiring a “misguided” travel card would be pretty useless. Well, the credit card company will do well. Not only will they get your business and the interest payments they will not have to pay out because the cardholder never asks for the free ticket!

Here is a much better idea: before you apply for a rewards card look at the merchandise the card is rewarding you with. Then, decide whether or not the merchandise these reward points fit in with your actual needs. If they don’t then it would be best to move on to a different card.