Book Purchases and Credit Card Reward Programs

If you are an avid reader, then you may have noticed that the cost of books has skyrocketed in recent years. Then again, because of the escalation in the price of books you may have becomes a FORMER avid reader! Yes, the publishing industry has been hit hard by the prevalence of online used book distributors who offer drastically discounted books. While purchasing used books has certain plusses to it, there are also a number of negatives as well and some individuals will choose to purchase their books new from the bookstore. Albeit, begrudgingly as the cost of new hard covers now run upwards of $27 – $35 dollars. It would seem as if purchasing that new spy novel you had your eyes on has become cost prohibitive. Then again, if you have a solid book purchase credit card rewards program you may find yourself able to save a ton of money.

For example, offers an “Amazon Visa” operates a credit card cash rewards program that provides a free $25 gift certificate after every $2500 spent on the card. So, this credit card rewards program can cover the cost of a new hardcover provided you use the Amazon Visa fairly regularly for purchases. Now, this credit card rewards program is not exactly going to deliver hundreds of free books a year to your doorstep. What is does do, however, is provide a little reward for your loyal purchasing and patronage. If you are an avid reader and you are prone to use your credit card often, then the Amazon Visa and its credit card reward programs will prove quite beneficial as it essentially sends a few free gifts your way as a measure of saying thanks. Not exactly a bad deal, eh? So please don’t delay and take advantage of it